A musician of Buccheri’s band during the “Infiorata” cerimony in Noto

5 Reasons why you should come to Syracuse

There are so many reasons someone should come here, in Syracuse. •The first reason is of course “the place“; Syracuse, in fact, is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, which means that there’s a very mild climate. • The second is “culture“. If you love art, and particulary Greek, Roman but also Norman…

Let’s talk about Syracuse

Syracuse is where I live. It is a city situated in the south-east of Sicily, an Italian Island. It is a lovely place but unfortunately it isn’t well known. I will take you inside a wonderful piece of Italy.. and show you the traces of a fascinating culture.


This is the start of something new, a new blog. I am not blogging about something stupid, but blogging about what I see with my eyes.