Fruit of the Week: Orange pt. 2

Good Food Market at GBC

– The orange is subdivided into four classes: common oranges, blood or pigmented oranges, navel oranges, and acidless oranges
– Other citrus species also known as oranges (but are actually not) are: the Bergamot orange, grown mainly in Italy for its peel, used to flavor Earl Grey tea and the Mandarin orange which is the ancestor of the common orange
– Originated in southern China, northeastern India, and perhaps southeastern Asia
– First cultivated in China around 2500 BC
– Citrus fruits were introduced to to Europe in Italy by the crusaders in the 11th century
– Spanish explorers introduced the orange to America in 1565 when Pedro Menéndez de Avilés founded St Augustine in Florida
– Brazil is the world’s leading orange producer, followed by the United States and China
– Orange peel can be processed to be used in animal food, perfume, aromatherapy oils, household cleaners, used as…

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