Sometimes I just wake up looking for peace.

I love being quiet, listening to that magic silent atmosphere that I can catch around me in a room during the first morning.

Than comes midday, and the only thing that turns in my mind is a quiet, peaceful, relaxed lunch.

Being away from home means sometimes you can’t stay relaxed on your own.

Today, while thinking about my -new- usual lunch I realized I needed to have a break; a break from everything that concerns university, my dorm, all my new housemates and this city. And than I saw this old picture I took while in Syracuse. It is the breakfast/lunch room in Hotel Gutkowski, a lovely place where I had an unpaid work experience. This place is able to convey me so many positive vibes, and that’s a great thing.

I just wanted to share this picture that I love with you.

Hope you like it.


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